Saturday, October 31, 2009

Historic information

I just received this message:

Dear Mr Perzeszty :
I am not a CBS engineer and never was, but I find the CBS retirees site extremely interesting, as I am fascinated by the history of television in New York City.

So I am attaching a photograph that your readers might find interesting....
It is a snapshot taken by my father, Merwin Dembling, in December of 1959. It shows the old CBS Studio 60 on the west side of Broadway at 65th St. My father was a magazine editor who worked in the neighborhood at 33 W 60th St, and was walking home up Broadway towards where we lived at 88th St.
The view is looking northwest from across Broadway. The site of Studio 60 is now occupied by the Juilliard School of Music. In fact none of the buildings visible going up Broadway towards 72nd street have survived to the present.

Does anyone have any memories of the physical layout of the studios at Studio 60 ? Was it an old theatre ? It doesn't look like it.

With regards, and thank you for maintaining such a great web site.

Nicholas Dembling
New York City