Monday, October 12, 2009

I just received the following two postings:

High Ted,

I just finnished looking at CBS web page! The ghost of CHRISMAS PAST is here! I found
in two places that I was dead. In two places -----One on a report from Joe Jenovsky and the other was on the memorial page with Walter Cronkite and others.-----

I was listed as dying in 2006----Could you take care of this matter.

I had a stroke in 2004 but am very much alive now!

Stan Mitchell

From: Renata Cafiero
Re: Al Cafiero

Dear Ted,
I've tried to send the Retired CBS group e-mail notification of Al's passing on 23 August of this year, but it never went through. Perhaps you can pass the message along that Al, who was so looking forward to the next Retirees luncheon, never succeeded in making it, unfortunately.

I greatly appreciate any help you can give me in this area.

With thanks,
Renata Cafiero