Saturday, October 31, 2009

Historic information

I just received this message:

Dear Mr Perzeszty :
I am not a CBS engineer and never was, but I find the CBS retirees site extremely interesting, as I am fascinated by the history of television in New York City.

So I am attaching a photograph that your readers might find interesting....
It is a snapshot taken by my father, Merwin Dembling, in December of 1959. It shows the old CBS Studio 60 on the west side of Broadway at 65th St. My father was a magazine editor who worked in the neighborhood at 33 W 60th St, and was walking home up Broadway towards where we lived at 88th St.
The view is looking northwest from across Broadway. The site of Studio 60 is now occupied by the Juilliard School of Music. In fact none of the buildings visible going up Broadway towards 72nd street have survived to the present.

Does anyone have any memories of the physical layout of the studios at Studio 60 ? Was it an old theatre ? It doesn't look like it.

With regards, and thank you for maintaining such a great web site.

Nicholas Dembling
New York City

Thursday, October 29, 2009

RE: John Taddei

I spoke to Tad's YL and she advised that he had extremely severe back pains
and loss of mobility a while back (I didn't press for when) which put him back in White Plains
Hospital on IV antibiotics. She gave me his direct phone and his cell phone. He answered the
latter and apart from being glad that we were all thinking of him, expressed the hope that he
would be released to go back home in a few days.
He is isolated to prevent contagion so visitations are out at this time , therefore his expectations
of release might be a bit optimistic at this time.

I am Walter Rifkin's son Bernie.
It is with deep regret that I inform you of my dad's passing. He died on Oct 2, 2009.
He was not in pain and went quietly in his sleep. Again, I'm sorry to tell you this,
but I saw your email address on his computer and thought I would let you know.
Please let the other CBS retirees know.
Thank you.
Bernie Rifkin
364 Whitaker Ave S
Powell, OH 43065
bernie364 at
It has been a sad time for me to see on this Website the Retirees no longer with us.
It would be nice to hear from the Retirees that are still with us.
Do you agree ?
Best Regards,
Harold Deppe

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hello Everyone,

I was saddened to hear about all those old friends from CBS that passed away. I guess time marches on. It will be 4 years on October 31st since my wife Marge and I retired and it seems like it was yesterday. We have been spending some time here in Florida in a place called "The Villages" for the past few weeks and really enjoying it. It is like a Disneyworld for those over 55. If we can ever get our house cleaned out (all that accumulated STUFF) in New York and put it up for sale, the plan is to relocated here. Retirement is good and everyone told me how busy I would be, but not this busy..... busy is good!

Bob Myers (K2TV)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Received a phone call from Lee Munsick, who is writing a book on Arthur Godfrey. He knew Arthur as well as some of the technicians, that worked with him. Lee is trying to gather as much information as he can. If you like to contact Lee, his phone number is 772 564-2911. He would like to especially speak to Sal Anzalone, if he's up to it.

Tony Casola
516 541-2263

Monday, October 26, 2009


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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sad news:
I am sorry to report that George Klimcsak's wife, Irene passed away on October 21st.
I have no other details. I know that she passed after a long battle with cancer.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I just received the following two postings:

High Ted,

I just finnished looking at CBS web page! The ghost of CHRISMAS PAST is here! I found
in two places that I was dead. In two places -----One on a report from Joe Jenovsky and the other was on the memorial page with Walter Cronkite and others.-----

I was listed as dying in 2006----Could you take care of this matter.

I had a stroke in 2004 but am very much alive now!

Stan Mitchell

From: Renata Cafiero
Re: Al Cafiero

Dear Ted,
I've tried to send the Retired CBS group e-mail notification of Al's passing on 23 August of this year, but it never went through. Perhaps you can pass the message along that Al, who was so looking forward to the next Retirees luncheon, never succeeded in making it, unfortunately.

I greatly appreciate any help you can give me in this area.

With thanks,
Renata Cafiero

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hi Dave, I hope you are well. Here are some additions to the list: Walter Cronkite 07/2009 Bob Heuberger 00/0000 Ozzie Presnell 00/0000 Ed Murrow 04/1965 Eric Sevareid 07/1992 73, Joe Janovsky
I would like to thank Goody for making up the list of our deceased
brothers. It's hard to believe how many old friends have left us. I noticed many
names I did not know about. May they all rest in peace.

Regards to all,


David S. Fruitman
Calhoun Satellite Communications
Stirling Studios
305 655 2629
305 655 3023 fax
305 213 4300 cell

Thursday, October 01, 2009

The following members have passed away.
Ralph Green 5/16/09
Bill Lyons 8/29/09
Ronnie Giordano, Nick's wife 9/29/09

Tony Casola
We have until October 11th to receive your checks for our FALL LUNCHEON. The luncheon will take place at the Land & Sea Diner in Fairlawn, NJ, Thursday, October 15th.

Tony Casola