Monday, June 22, 2009

Only good thoughts for the Master Fontologist, Bruno Fucci.
When I started at CBS in 1980, Bruno was one of the first people I worked with on remotes. The first time I walked into the graphics trailer, there was Bruno with one hand on the keyboard and the other hand on the production coordinator. He greeted me with a grunt, a couple of expletives and for the next 9 years we worked together having good times both in and out of the graphics truck. Whenever a new font machine came out, it was Bruno who sat and figured out how to make it work on golf. After many hours and a couple of blown-up machines, he made it work. He mastered the art of professionalism and also the art of taking a nap on the floor of many house trailers we used. There are many things missing in today's world of sports television and one of them is a character named Bruno Fucci.

Feel good Pops,

Charlie Carlucci (the other member of the "FUCCI BROTHERS" fontology experts)