Tuesday, June 23, 2009

After retiring some 25 years ago my knowledge of technical info began
to fade. Help me please.

I live in a 4 story, 60 apartments building. in Tenafly NJ.
having a common 10 year old antenna which needs replacement.

Can anyone tell me which are the best and strongest roof antennas for
us that are listed in Radio Shack?

We used to get good reception from the NY City stations but none from NJ
network's Channel 50 which is located about 90 degrees to the right.
Can anything be done that include reception from Channel 50?

About myself, In January 2008, I had surgery, a double by-pass and
mitral heart valve replaced.
It turned out very well and now I am back fighting the politicians to
get rail service back for Eastern Bergen County.

Albert (I outgrew the Crib) Cafiero