Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bruno Fucci is a true and dear friend, who could type faster with two fingers than any human being on the planet. The giant smile and laugh of an old Italian who knew where the body was buried and would only share that info with friends. The CBS Family was a monumental part of all of our lives, the mortgage depended on the overtime and the hours spent away from home were sometimes happier than being at home. I am sure we all felt guilty about depriving our family of our time, but we all rationalized it all with our needs for financial security. We all lived through divorces, health problems and conflicts of the mind, but I will always remember having Bruno to talk to and confide in and the problems always seemed less important after we walked away. I am grateful to have worked with him for so many wonderful years. Only one thing I can for sure tell you is Never play Tonk with him, he will take away your paycheck...... I also remember the meals we had together on the road and the joy in his face when he was with his buddies, so, Mr. Fucci, you fight the good fight and know you have made a very big mark on the lives of so very many people.
With much respect love and affection...

Your old pal, Lee Levy