Thursday, April 02, 2009

To all members: FYI

I received an email from Joel Silverman to see if could help put him in contact with his cousin Larry Schneider. I was able to obtain his phone number and called Larry's wife, Audrey. She sent an email to me explaining Larry's situation (see attachment below).

I visited Larry at the Gurwin Rehab Center in Commack today. He was very glad to have contact with a former colleague although he is unable to talk because of the ventilator. He is in good spirits in spite of his ordeal.

I'm sure many of you remember Larry and would like to be in contact with him. Please do so according to his wife's instructions.

Ted Perzeszty

As most CBS Retirees know, Larry Schneider worked as an Audio Engineer at CBS-TV from November 1953-April 2005. He had "officially" retired in 1999 (to protect his pension) and was immediately rehired, per diem, to continue his work with the "60 Minutes" crew in Control Room 33. He probably would still be there today, were it not for a series of medical missteps that resulted in a MRSA staph infection from a pacemaker, which settled in his aortic valve, causing endocarditis and open-heartsurgery (to remove the "contaminated pacemaker" and to replace the mitral and aortic valves damaged by the infection). He was at home for weeks or months at a time, interrupted by several more pneumonias, hospitalizations and recoveries at Rehab facilities. He had a very good year at home, February 2007-February 2008, during which we visited the "60 Minutes" control room in May, for a festive and touching welcome, not only from the crew, but also from Mike Wallace and just about everyone in the building who had ever worked with Larry. From February 19, 2008 until now, Larry has not been at home. His hospitalizations and stays at Rehab centers have been more challenging and he cannot breathe without a ventilator. Still, he is cheerful, pleasant and accepting. His sense of humor and alertness are remarkable. His doctors and nurses consider his many recoveries "miraculous". He has a good appetite, good color, is everyone's "favorite patient", enjoys the CDs, newspapers and magazines I bring, as well as homemade treats, organic fruits and vegetables, to supplement the otherwise good food served at his current Rehab center, in Commack, NY, 31 miles from home. Having experienced 5 other Rehab Centers, this is by far the best and worth the long trip to know thathe is receiving the best possible care, under the circumstances. If anyone would like to visit, please call me first, so we can arrange a time that will be appropriate. (516-483-5633). Or you may send mail to him at:
Laurence A. Schneider
c/o Gurwin Jewish Center for Nursing
68 Hauppauge Road
Commack, New York 11725-4403

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