Sunday, March 22, 2009

Searching for info

Dear Ted Perzeszty:
I got your name from Charlie Higgins in Philadelphia. I'm writing a book and one of the people in the book is Alan Shalleck. Alan was with CBS in New York the 1950s and 1960s (and likely even the 1970s), first in New York, and then for a short time in Phili (where he worked on a show called Pixanne).

In New York, he worked on a number of children's shows, i.e., Winky Dink and Captain Kangaroo and other CBS shows like The Price is Right. He held various positions, i.e., assistant producer, producer, floor manager, i.e., all behind the camera. Alan was murdered in 2006. I'm trying to locate people that might remember him from his CBS days.

Charlie gave me your contact information. Is there any way for you to reach out to people in the Retired CBS Engineer's Association and see if people would remember Alan. I'm also looking to talk with people that remember the early days at CBS and what it was like.

I'm happy to speak with people on or off the record. Thanks in advance for your help.

David Geliebter
561-775-1558 or