Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good Evening Mr.Casola,

My name is Nancy Brinkmann Boxman, Eddie Brinkmann's niece. I thought that I had sent an email to you on Friday but when I checked my "sent mail box" it did not show up as having been sent. If it was, please forgive me for bothering you again.
I became aware of the CBS Retirees website through a search on my uncle's name. I have been trying to put together our family tree through information that I have been able to find online and pieces of conversations that I remember from my childhood. My father Guido was Eddie's brother. I have vague memories of my uncle Eddie that go back to when I was no more than three or four years old. He must have been very important to me back then for me to remember anything that long ago. He and my father lost contact. My mother had told me that Eddie thought that my father was upset with him when he and his first wife divorced. I don't think that this was the case but it kept me from knowing my uncle, something that I have regreted to this day. Both my parents are deceased and I have been trying to find out as much of my family background on my own to pass on to my daughters and grandchildren before I am gone. It is a shame that when you are young you don't thin to ask the questions about your family that become so important when you have children of your own.
I'm sorry for rambling on so. I recently did another search on my uncle's name and found the pictures that Steve Wexler had posted to your website along with an article that was written about Eddie. I can't tell you how thrilled I was to find this. There was information about Eddie and my grandparents that I did no know before. Steve had contacted your website a couple of years ago offering to exchange information and pictures with anyone who was interested. Eddie was his grandfather which makes us cousins. I was unsuccessful in getting in contact with your webmaster at that time. I would love to be able to combine the information that we have and share our pictures.
I live just outside of Philadelphia although my sister, brothers and one daughter live on Long Island. My address is 2178 Joshua Road, Lafayette Hill, PA 19444. My home email is
roses3of4 at My home phone number is 610-941-9670. I work full time, Monday thru Friday but generally I am home on the weekends and any evening after 7:00 PM.
If you would forward this email to the person who would have Steve's contact information or to Steve himself, I would be very grateful.
Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

Very truly yours,
Nancy Boxman