Saturday, February 14, 2009


Dear David,

First, thank you and the many CBS retirees that have called and contacted me with information on my prior questions on the Ed Sullivan Theatre mic. The information and the friendly conversations have been quite appreciated.

Now though, I have a new question and need more help from people that were aware of what CBS west coast was doing in the early 1960s.

I want to know if anyone knows the story of what happened to the equipment from Red-EO-Tape? This was Red Skelton’s television production company. What I believe may have happened and what I know of the history of the 3 RCA TK41 cameras and the 3 trucks is at the link below.

I know that KTLA eventually bought it all in about 1965 but I don’t know what CBS did with these cameras from about 62 to 65. I believe CBS used the cameras but I don’t know where or for what purposes…like were they used as studio cameras at TV City or used for remotes like sports?

Above are pictures of my RCA TK41. As you can see, there is a CBS property tag on my TK41’s cradle head. On the front of the turrent is a KTLA logo and on the back of the turrent is Skelton (as in property of Red Skelton) and Varotal 3 (for the lens). I believe there were only 5 TK40/41 color cameras on Studio 33 at Television City and 5 TK40/41 color cameras at Studio 72 in New York. That I know of, and I may be wrong, CBS only had a total of 10 RCA TK40 and 41 color cameras.

Anything from any of you that can help me get better idea of what happened when Red Skelton moved from the old Chaplin Studios to Television City would be quite appreciated.

Thank You and thank you for visiting our web site…

Bobby Ellerbee