Friday, January 09, 2009

Re: Frances Nakamrura

It is nice to see her name on the CBS Retiree site and it provokes me to make further comment.
Frances was a delight. She was hired by Orville Sather in the early fifties and assigned as a secretary
to the old Field department on East 54
th St.
I was in charge of Field at that time. Frances was the child of a Japanese family, naturalized I believe,
who been interned in one of the interment camps set up on the west coast for persons of Japanese ancestry.
So Frances had spent several of her growing up years in the camp. Her father went into the import business
after the war. Frances proved to be very good with a great attitude. Never had a bad word for anyone
and was a pleasure to work with. It was not long before Orville promoted her to Tech ops scheduling which,
if I recall correctly, had just moved into the Sheffield building. I have tried to recall who was in charge of
scheduling at that time and the names Dick Butterfield, Ira Schackman and Jack Kleckner come to mind but
memory fails. Frances was a great gal and as noted on the page, techs loved her.
I believe she left CBS to be married.

Bob Wilson