Saturday, January 10, 2009


I can't believe Ann and I were at a Port Jervis Humane Society benefit
last night across the river in Pa. and there he was, Al Consiglio, bigger than life.
Ann also.Turns out he and Ann are living in Dingman's Pa. which is
just down stream from Port Jervis. He is looking good, he must be
doing OK as he ventured out in all that snow and ice we have up here.
Al's e-mail address is alconni at, Tel: 570 828 4313.
The Port Jervis Humane Society is the big thing here, they always
have a big turnout, lots of donations and the big dinners are attended
by the upper crust, the politicians aristocrats and other people with teeth.
I guess everyone loves doggies (some like cats).

George Keller