Friday, January 23, 2009


The past two weeks bring back a host of memories.
First, the brilliant water landing on the Hudson of an airbus,
many questioned why he did not land at Teterboro---an easy answer to that,
the nearest runway for him to try would have been 24--I am very familiar with 24
since I had an aircraft based just off the end of 24--made many many landings there
and many flights down the Hudson to the Verrazano very often I thought about ditching--
not a good option with a fixed gear plane. The really serious disadvantage he had was the
absence of thrust reversers since he had NO thrust.
His choice of ditching was truly the only choice!
As long as I am rambling on I should mention that my first field assignment in CBS was the
civil rights march on Washington--very memorable. We were in a mobile unit behind the
Lincoln memorial with a huge CBS eye on the side.
The producer elected to cover - remove it, don't remember...
There were many threats circulating. It was among the most unforgettable days of my life.
My next ramble---Jan 1985 I was in Washington for Reagan's second innauguration.
It turned out to be frigid, resulting in the ceremony being moved inside to the rotunda,
Joe Tier made it a great experience!

Bob Vernum