Sunday, January 04, 2009


By way of introduction I am an engineer for ABC O&O WPVI in PHL.
I have amassed an assortment of CBS "Golden Age" flotsam of which I am willing to share pics/copies:
A tech maint manual for Studios 53-56,63 & 64.
A CBS book with many behind the scenes pics of "Studio One, The Glass Key".
A TK30 from sdo 55 which I am restoring to early 50s appearance.
Pic of Ivan Sanderson & Patty Painter.
A rack mount color wheel monitor (incomplete, but what the heck).
Instruction books for RCA and Dumont cam chains, etc.
I enjoy surfing your forum, now I can put names to the mugs in the "Studio One" book!
I'm looking for any information about studios 54, 55, 56, official or behind the scenes,
as to what passed through these RCA and Dumont cams and any tech details.
I'm also looking to buy lenses and parts for orth cams (surprise, surprise).

Bill Kuhar