Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I received a note on Skype from Ray Sills when I asked how come he doesn't contribute.
Knowing he has some great stories, it reads as follows:
"Hi Goody: Thanks for the wishes. And, I check the CBS Retirees page now and then,
but I haven't quite discovered how to post an item..
I have emailed Dave Minott now and then.
I make a lot of contributions to some email lists and Yahoo groups,
but I haven't found a link on the CBS page to make a contribution.
I guess I'll have to go back and check more carefully!!!"

Maybe there are others that are confused also. I never had a problem.

For those who haven't figured out how to supply input here, it is very easy!
Just send your thoughts, pictures, etc. in an e-mail to me at:
Webmaster at cbsretirees.com. Replace the "at" with the at sign, please!
This is to prevent "harvesting" of e-mail addresses by spammers...