Friday, December 05, 2008


Thanks for the thoughts. I have to apologize. I left out a very good name.
TD Carl Shutzman. He was a great guy and we did some outside sound
installation work together. I also have to mention John Pumo.
A great guy and video man. He also gave me one of my claims to fame.
We did the first Godfrey show in color in studio 72. John became my
boom pusher, since b/w video people weren't assigned to do color video yet.
The studio was very crowded with sets and commercial areas. Godfreys specialty.
We were on air live and I had a 180 degree swing from a number to the Godfrey
commercial area, Bud Hlavaty the other boom man was locked in a corner too far
away to swing to the commercial area, so John and I devised a cue to make the move.
At the end of the number, time to make the move, somehow our signal got screwed up
and John made the move a half second too fast (and I mean fast).
Well, we had the old Mole Richardson booms. Small plarform, etc.
The next thing I know, I am swinging thru the air hanging onto the boom arm.
Next thing... clunk, Godfrey in the head. Platform is under me and Godfrey looks up
and says, "you all right lad?" Embarrassing moments for a boom man.
A story about the great Chico another time.

My best,
Sol T.