Saturday, December 13, 2008


Bob Paine's comments brought back memories of the events of the Kennedy assassination. I was on vacation. It was Friday early afternoon. My younger son, Harvey, was being Bar Mitzvah. My wife was out of the house. My son and I were decorating the basement because he was having a party for his friends that night. The TV was (and still is) on in the kitchen. I heard something that sounded different from the TV. I saw Cronkite putting on his jacket while talking. I stood there dumbfounded. That was the end of decorating. Not knowing what to do, I turned to the Ham Radio. 10 meters was absolutely dead. Suddenly, a voice came on calling CQ. I answered. He said he was at home overlooking Deeley Plaza and started to tell me what he saw. I asked if he was willing to go on the air and I would phone patch him to CBS Radio. He would, so I called the CBS News Desk. The voice at the CBS end Said "Yea we know all about it" and hung up.
A few weeks later I was doing Audio at Yankee Stadium for a Giants football game. Bill Leonard, CBS News Pres. was there. I told him the story. He was furious and wanted to know if I knew the name of the voice that blew an on site viewer.
There is sort of a funny part to this story. Later that Friday evening I thought that CBS might get dispensation from the union and call me in to work even though I'm on vacation. Around midnight the phone rings. Sched wants me to go to DC next morning, Saturday. I try to explain about the Bar Mitzvah. He is not taking no for an answer. He puts on Dom Annicarico. I tell him the situation and also does he know I am on vacation. OOPS I thought that was the end. On Thursday I see on my paycheck I was paid overtime for the Washington trip I never took. I called payroll. I explained and they will deduct $10.00 a week. The next paycheck showed $10.00 added. I called them again. The next pay check again showed $10.00 added. On the 3rd call they said they are having a problem and "lets forget about it."

Harold Schutzman