Monday, November 03, 2008

This is response to all the pleas to contribute memories of the old days of CBS-TV.
I hope you will not be bored with the details.
I Remember It Well! My very first day of work with CBS-TV on Jan. 15th, 1950, Studio 41 Grand Central Building.
I had worked in all technical phases of Radio Broadcasting for about 8 years, so no training or
break-in period was required. I was assigned to provide the recorded music cues for the "Studio One"
weekly drama program. We rehearsed Sunday and Monday and aired live Monday evening at 10 P.M.
The Producer was Worthington Miner, Directors Frank Schaffner and Paul Nickel, AD Lila Swift.
Tech crew was T.D. George Gould, Audio Joe Calvanico, Cameras Harold Classon & Bill Guyon, Boom Mic Dick Douglas,
Video Lou Tedesco.
Sunday morning Lila Swift would hand me a large stack of 78 & 33 rpm records with grease pencil marks on them.
They marked musical phrases from classical recordings that I had to accurately cue up and play on cue without
"WOWING" them. I must say that it was one of the most creative things I did at CBS. I did this using 2 variable speed
RCA turntables. At the very opening of the program I had to play 3 music cues in succession from 3 records using
only 2 turntables. In those days there were no "zoom" lenses on the old RCA cameras. If you wanted to zoom into a
subject the camera man had to "dolly in" or move the camera closer to the subject while maintaining focus. How they
did this without going out of focus was amazing. As has been mentioned before....those were the Golden Years of
Televison. Unfortunately things have changed and in my opinion TV has become a "great waste land".
Best regards to all who remember me.

Jay Chichon