Wednesday, November 26, 2008

> Rita Sands collected several albums of photos containing pix of those
> of us on duty at WCBS Radio 88 in 1980. Sorry to find I was not in there.
In 1980 I would have been the afternoon drive board op for Pat Parson (nee Tuminaro)
and Ben Farnsworth, who were pictured. WCBS had a staff of 42 techs back
> then, now there is just one.The one is, or was, Barry Siegfried, K2MF ?
42 techs was the high water mark, reached in maybe 1968 or 1969.
The all news format began in Sept 1967, the morning after a twin engine plane knocked
down the tower, leaving 2 fatalities. What an inauspicious beginning to the new format.
With every new IBEW contract, the head count got smaller.
In 1980 I'd estimate the tech head count in the mid-20's.
In Feb 1982 I was moved over to Network Radio and left Black Rock behind.
The cc: list left out my call, K2EUH. And Dave Minott is WA2EXP.
It was great to see all the old pictures.
Imagine - No PC's then. I know Warren Elly (also on the To: list) through the Tampa ARC.

Bob Foxworth