Friday, November 07, 2008

Prior to my stint in Telecine I was assigned to show crews. My fondest memories were doing Playhouse 90, Studio one, Crime Syndicated, and of course Arthur Godfrey shows, Talent Scouts and his Wednesday night show. Lou Scanna and myself worked the boom mikes. I was the first Assistant Tech to go on a remote during Godfrey's simulcast from Miami. What fun!!!! I remember during his radiocast following the Tv show he wanted to mike the surf. I volunteered I grabbed a lounge chair, walked into the ocean just where the surf broke had a mike in one hand and a tom collins in the other. we mounted a camera on the roof of the hotel and had only one problem. During the installation everyone kept wondering why the elevator kept getting stuck between floors. Each time the doors opened the only two people in the elevator was myself and the operator...
She was gorgeous.