Monday, November 03, 2008

My first day at CBS I reported at Father Divines which is at 109th. st. and Fifth Ave.
The TD was a guy named John Koushouris. I started on a Wednesday and to my surprise on payday I received a check for a full weeks pay.
This was the time of CBS color. We did two shows a day but I doubt if anybody could see them because the frequency was not compatable to normal receivers.
Mike and Buff was one show hosted by Mike Wallace of 60 min. fame and his (then) wife, Buff Cobb.
The other show was hosted by Ivan Sanderson, who was an explorer and did a show with exotic animals.
One day he brought in some African killer bees. They were the size of quarters.
Some of them got loose and we had to empty the studio.
Another time a monkey got away and Jack Lemmon who was a guest of Mike and Buff tried to catch him up in the grid.
I remember the audio man ,he was an old timer from radio, his name was Hal. He taught me Morse code so I could pass my test
and was issued the license, K2QGB, which he promptly called me Two Quarts Good Booze.
Sol Train ,Frank McCormack, Frank Florio, are gone. Sol Train was first Trombone in Tommy Dorsey`s
band before he changed his life and became a cameraman.
Frank Florio taught me most of what I needed to know about the broadcast business.
Being retired gives me a lot of time to think about what could have been If I was more confident and aggressive,
but all in all I`m happy with what I accomplished.
...but I miss the action and the guys.

Cal Marotta