Monday, November 03, 2008

John Koushouris:

Speaking about Field Sequential Color, I was at 485 Madison Ave unpacking the first
Production C.B.S. Field Sequential Receivers and checking them out...
when the receiver was set for Monochrome the color wheel motor reversed and the
Color wheel filter segments folded away from the 10 inch monochrome Picture Tube.
When the color wheel was completely folded away from the tube a micro switch shut
the Power to the wheel off ...the micro switch hung up somtimes and did not stop the motor
and the motor went up in of the problems with the C.B.S.Sequential Color receivers..
P.S. Remember Mike and Buff..?
for Telecine Walter Grunwald and Lew Dennis...
Regards To all who were around to see all of this it was a great Time... Harold Deppe

and let's not forget Dick Locke and Stan Winiarski, as well!