Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I retired in Dec '86 and moved to California in Feb '87. Greatest move I ever made.
Living in Hayward which is 10 miles south of Oakland coliseum.
Great weather, seasons but no snow. While in telecine I happened upon a graphic machine
that had been laying around for months. It was called videograph. I mastered it on my own
and soon was operating it at the political conventions. Videograph led to Chyron which I soon
pushed on news and sports also some game shows. I introduced it to Basketball and the next
thing I know I did all the NBA games. Then onto football and eventually golf.
After one golf show I never left golf again. Actually, between shows I remained a Telecine supervisor.
I eventually had credits, Bruno Fucci, MF........Master Fontologist
Approved by Bob Hammer himself during one of the conventions.

more at another time

and the poor maint. techs had to clean up the keyboards
after Bruno's jelly rolls...