Thursday, November 27, 2008

I would like this posted on the website.
Thanks very much. Sol Tabachnick
Hi all,
I came to CBS in 1952 with Fred Schutz and Paul Layden. We came over from the UN. I went into studio operations and spent most of my time there except fot 6 months, courtesy Stan Green, I spent it in VTR Grand Central with Art Buckner and Matty Matwichuk. I worked every crew except four. Vern Gamble. Charlie Grenier, Bob Dailey ( I replaced Ed Wolf on the PA console but never worked the crew) and Ted Miller ( I sat behind Dennis Maitland in studio 58 for many months spinning music cues for Studio One. But never on the crew).
I worked with Frank Bellcastro, Ted Healy, Jay Jack Howerton, Frank Protzman, Buddy Gagnon, Dwight Temple, Bob Heuberger, Ben Russ, Lou Tedesco, Sid Kaufman, Charlie Lyons (my longest and most enjoyable) Joe Calvanico. Now here is a strange coincidence. I used to deliver orders as a kid to a women named Calvanico at 3228 Decatur Avenue in the Bronx. One day I met her son and he introduced me to Ham radio. His call was W2 Oboe Queen Ocean. How could I forget. I had no problem with the technical part of the test but I could not do the code. (in rhose days it was code or no license) I guess I wasn't that bad as I did get a first class license. Imagine my surprise when one day I walked into studio 41 and there is Joe sitting in the TD seat. I had no isea he worked at CBS. In my travels through CBS, I ran into Al Cohen. He was the chief engineer at a small 250 watter in upstate NY who gave me my second job in the business. I ran into Hal Michaels who I knew from WFUV-FM. I ran into George Grey and Harry Peterson who I knew from WATV channel 13 and then I ran into Harold Bailey who I knew from the unemployment line after he was laid from WFDR-FM after the station closed down. Harold was at my wedding. I spent many days in all the CBS that they Had. Studios 41, 42 44. In Grand Central. Studios 61, 72. 58, and of course 53, 54, 55. 56 (all Leiderkranz hall) the studio on upper 5th avenue, the studio that was a movie theater on 66th street and Broadway. And Finally BC. Studios 41 to 46. We had a studio that we used at Dumont studios on east 67th street. I remember it well because we did a Camera 11I from there one Sunday live and the Audioman was Sam Laine. The review in the NY Times the next day praised the audio and called him Sam Kane. We couldn't stop Sam from bitching about the mistake for weeks. I must say it was a great jazz show with great bands and Billie Holiday. Over the years I met many great people on staff and still have fond memories of my 16 years with CBS. I never retired. I left in May of 1968, yes 40 years ago. I saw the writing on the wall and decided to try my luck at free lancing which was just coming into vogue. I must say though. It was 16 years of great experiences and friendships and I still cherish them and relive them. I still remember once being in the Field Shop and Sam Levin telling me to go with Bob Oswald up to the Chrysler tower and give him a hand. When we got there I couldnt believe what he was doing juggling that dish out one of the doors. I have to tell you, I was very unhappy being there. Oh yes. John Khousouris (please forgive the spelling), I met for the first time at studio 72 when we were doing the Merry Widow. I saw John several other times and then ran into him again in Grand Central VTR where he was the boss and I was being trained. Great person. The audiomen I did boom for were: Al Bressan Fred Cusack. A story about Fred. We were going to do the summer replacement for Godfrey. The Russ Morgan and Helen O'Connell show. Bud Hlavaty and Fred and I were sitting in the audio booth of studio 50 after we had set up. The band started coming in and there was Russ Morgan and the director Seymour Burns on stage. Fred said, come on guys I want to show you something. We walked on stage and Russ Morgan looked our way and burst. "What the hell are you doing here, addressing Fred. "I fired you over 40 years ago." Yep, I looked it up in a jazz disco book and sure enough he was listed as tenor sax on many of the bands records. Pete Reed, Sam Lane, Jay Chicon, Bill Gage, Jack Katz, Fred Lopez, Ken Noonan, sorry Im slipping. Cant remember too many names any more.
Any way fellows, I thank those of you who may remember me for all those wonderful years at CBS. We did live in the GOLDEN AGE of TELEVISION.
I would like to commend and remember the maintenance staff at Leiderkranz Hall. Howard Porter, Bert Littlefield, Harry Krim and one other person whose name escapes me. They kept the old place running like clockwork. And that was no small job.
So, to those of you who remember. Thank you and my best to you all,

Sol Tabachnick