Saturday, November 15, 2008

I worked on a show with Julio De Bennetto.
I don`t remember the title. It had the word Woman in it.
It starred Ingrid Bergman. A young Rip Torn was her co-star
and he went into a snit one day and threw his script on the floor.
Ms. Bergman got on her knees and picked it up.
We never heard another wimper from mister Torn for the rest of the show.
We worked three days and nights in three different studios.
It was the first time I worked with real movie sets -
(the buildings and streets looked real.) I have a picture of the crew with
Miss Bergman. I'll dig it out and send it as soon as I find it.
The next time I saw Julio De Bennetto was when I did the Gary Moore show.
He comes from Canada and I understand he was one of their best directors.
He treated the crew very well and was well liked.

Cal Marotta