Sunday, November 16, 2008

I got this information on the internet.
The show is available through Blockbuster and other sites.
Thanks for your story. I, for one, would love to hear many more of them.
I think so many stories are lost to history. These are stories which we might
think are not important but later generations will.
24 Hours in a Woman's Life (1961) Ingrid Bergman, John Williams, Rip Torn,
Jerry Orbach, Lili Darvas. Years after the death of her husband,
a middle-aged woman endeavors to overcome unrelenting grief by traveling
to Monte Carlo where she becomes romantically involved with a depressed gambler.
This made-for-TV movie with original Revlon commercials is based on
Stefan Zweig's novel. Rip Torn, whom she co-starred with, said Ingrid was a
warm woman, a lot of fun. We were always laughing together. I told her a lot of jokes.
I thought the producer would look at us in a funny way, like maybe we were laughing
too much and having too good a time. He said he dressed down and looked slovenly
during production because he lived in Hells Kitchen and didn't want to stand out.
When he made an entrance in costume he saw Ingrid look at him and she said
"What happened to my old bum?" By the way, I still have two Garry Moore
nighttime scripts. One is for the Look Awards. It would be great to hear stories of
working with Garry and Joe Hamilton.
What was it like working in Studio 50.
Talk about Grenier as a TD.