Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hi Dave..

It's sad Retirees dont remember the ( Real Golden Age of Television ) The Equipment,.Cameras..E.T.C.....
That made it all possible.
I hope we hear from Bob Wilson, He would remember..
What is your opinion.?

Best Regards,

Harold Deppe

Hi Harold,

When I get the time, I will prepare a reminiscence of my own.
Although I only started getting involved in the late '60's,
I did see a tremendous revolution in equipment sophistication.
Unfortunately, it seems that as the quality of the equipment
went up, the quality of the networks was going down.
We went from a time where our Technicians supplied the
innovation, to a point where there is very little innovation,
and that is supplied by external companies...
Everything now appears to be centered on the "bottom line."
The "powers that be" seem to be afraid to innovate, assuming
the worst -- loss of revenue, rather than reaching for a star...