Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hi Dave,

I just looked at the collection on the Retirees website and the iconoscope camera grabbed my attention.
The people in the photo are Burgess Meredith and - I believe - Dorothy Maguire (orMcGuire).
I saw that shot somewhere else but can't recall where. The date might be sometime from about1936
to 1946, judging from the age they appear to be and from the camera. Do you or anyone in the group
know anything about CBS Radio facilities at Steinway Hall, 17th floor, ca.1927, or the studio and control
room arrangement at 485 Madison? I understand an early CBS-TV Studio One presentation,
"The Night America Panicked" (not the same title as the ABC movie, "The Night That Panicked America")
originated in part from an actual radio studio and control room at 485 Madison.
I should clarify and say that the re-creation of the radio broadcast of "War of the Worlds" was done live
from the studio/control room. I've seen it; it's great.

Bob Paine KA3ZCI
Richland WA