Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hi all:

Rita Sands collected several albums of photos containing pix of those of us on duty at WCBS Radio 88 in 1980.
Rita had an illustrious on-air career in New York City having worked as an anchor person and reporter at WNEW,
WCBS, WQXR, WCBS TV, and ABC TV Network. She is a lovely lady with a terrific on-air voice and a great personality.
I had the pleasure of being assigned, along with Paul, K2VBS as the Studio B control room tech for Rita's air shifts
with co-anchors Gary Maurer, Gil Gross and Harvey Hauptman. My image appears about half way thru the album
when I was on the Studio A, Master Control assignment. The racks were loaded with STL and transmitter monitoring
gear as well as Xmtr remote control via Telco lines to High Island, where the rig was located in Long Island Sound.
The reel to reel machine was the Revox audio logger. We also had 5 or 6 Ampex 350's which are not pictured.
WCBS had a staff of 42 techs back then, now there is just one.
Here is the link: Slide Show