Saturday, November 08, 2008

I have been trying to get a message to you ---but unfortunately i get chopped off.
I would very much like to contribute a few comments regarding my years in studio 43.
just recently the Ken Burns baseball series was run on PBS.
My lunch hours frequently consisted of going to 'CHOCK FULL O NUTS" on Lex and 44th.
On one occasion, I realized the man serving me my coffee and sandwich was none other than
the great Jackie Robinson. He was the Vice President of Chock Full, located just above the
restaurant in their Exec offices. Needless to say, I frequented Chock!
I will have much more to say both tech and non tech, just thought this would take the focus off
"old timers" gets boring! If we are going to get into more ego claims I will be happy to join-----
Joe Tier was without a doubt my favorite EIC and a real friend!
We had many crab dinners in Obrickis, also we walked the roof of the capitol on that freezing
inauguration in 1984, but with him it was a pleasure.
Wish I could see him again. Fraternally,

Bob Vernum