Sunday, November 02, 2008

Bruno Fucci ! Can't believe it . If you are, you were working at CBS Labs, known as ERD,
Engineering, Research and Development you during the 1940's. For the Great Dr. Peter C. Goldmark.
At any rate I remember what you refer to as if it were yersterday and to prove it the young
blonde's name was Patty Painter and she was our color Test Pattern.
All kidding aside Bruno when I think of you a smile comes over me because we sure did a lot of
kidding and laughing. And, you couldn't have retired in a better place, California.
While I was working in color I spent half my time in L.A., TV CITY as the Technical Production
head of Color in Operations trying to coordinate the two coasts so that they were adhering to identical standards.

Stay in touch Bruno -- you've got a lot of stories to tell.

John l. Koushouris