Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hello my fellow and gal retirees.
I am currently writing to you from the West Palm Beach Medical Center Blind Rehab Program.
Entered the facility on Sept. 15th and expect to be released sometime later this month.
If you are a veteran with vision problems, please get yourself to the nearest veterans clinic
and inquire about this re-hab program. If your income is too large for being accepted into the
VA you can get in as a Category 4 if you are legally blind. You will just have to make a copayment.
Here they teach you manual, mobility, and life skills. The instructors are all well trained to guide you
through an unlighted lifestyle. They also have a computer usage program where they have software
wherein you will have the computer talk back with each key stroke. You will rarely use the mouse.
I am in the dual program and taking both of the offered courses.
If anyone would like more information about the program get my phone number from the CBS Retiree list,
or look it up on line somewhere. I know Jim Martens is in a similar or worse condition with his lack of
eyesight and I intend to phone him after my return to the west coast of Florida.

Les Burkhardt