Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hal Deppe:

We all know it's a foregone fact that The CBS Website would have died eons ago if it wasn't for you in tireless fashion, reminding us to support our CBS CHRONICLE IN THE ONE WAY THAT WE ARE ABLE TO.....COMMUNICATE .
This then is my attempt to start what Hal has been asking us to do and that is to write about those of us who spent time in our SHANGRILA, THE GOLDEN AGE.
My first suggestion is to revive what I started about two years ago with good buddy Tony Cucurulla. I've written two books and am now starting my third one but talk now about the first book, "THE GOLDEN AGE" "been there ---- done that".
I gave Tony a copy of it about two years ago to to circulate to the members who wanted to read it. Someone absent mindedly dropped the baton by not returning it to Tony. Hopefully this will jog his memory because it is the one and only book available to the website.
You'll find lots of stories in it especially from Jan.6th, 1945
until 1950 and beyond about the first work done working for Dr. Peter C. Goldmark in developing a color receiver producing a picture as good as today's quality but........ in a 10 inch tube. and lots more, the LP record development, Books for the Blind, teaching surgery with the CBS Sequential Color System. and more, and more AND MORE. Go get em!

John L. Koushouris