Friday, October 31, 2008

Bruno Fucci..

You say you are climbing on board to share Memories..let's Reminisce...
Before this Ship sinks do you remember your Days in Telecine at Grand Central with ...
Norm Reich.. Dick Locke.. Fred Huff ..Please name the rest..

Harold Deppe

P.S.Do you ever get to C.B.S Hollywood Studios.??

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Passing of Stan Seiller

I am writing to let you all know that on Tuesday, October 28th Stan Seiller passed away.As you are probably aware, Stan was afflicted with a very rare form of Alzheimer's called "Pick's Disease." He moved to NYC in September of 2007 and after 4 months in an assisted living facility was transferred to a nursing home first in Manhattan and finally to Flushing, Queens were he spent the last 2 months. I say spent, because this was not what anyone would call "living." Stan gradually became unable to feed, bathe or dress himself, and his sons and I realize what a blessing it is that he was probably unaware of his rapidly deteriorating condition.I have been a nurse for 36 years now, and I have never been more proud of my profession....I can only say that the nurses, social workers and physicians who cared for him were truly amazing...always available to talk...responding with genuine kindness, and helping us to realize that no amount of intervention was going to improve his quality of life.The parting phrase from his nurses was always "call anytime"....I cannot tell you what a comfort it was to know that I could do so.Stan was an extremely private individual and altho he often entertained friends with his incredible knack for telling a joke he never, ever wanted to be the center of attention. Out of respect for his desire for privacy his sons and I have decided to forgo the usual funeral type services. We have made arrangements for a private cremation and have planned a memorial service to be held at the Riverside Memorial Chapel, 180 Amsterdam Ave at 76th Street on Monday, November 3rd at 11:30 AM with a luncheon to follow at the Dublin House on west 79th Street. Good wine and food were two of Stan's many passions. I would like to invite you to join us, to bring your anecdotes and to have a drink in his memory..Fondly, Susie Spause219 w 81 Street #9DNYC, NY 10024212-799-3967 (home)212-300-5725 (cell)

Forwarded by Lee Levy and others

Boy oh boy you do have an incredible memory ---
Crew 16, Perry Como, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:45 P.M. 'til 8 :P.M. for Chesterfield Cigarettes.
And, The Stork Club with Sherman Billingsley, 7:45 to 8:00 Various sponsors.
And you are so right, Absolutely no JEANS ----- dress pants, shirts and ties unless it was a sport shirt,
Dress jacket and SHINED SHOES. If they were not shined they'be sent outside on 50th street to a bootblack
and have them shined at their expense. But it did earn us a"bootleg" contest of Best Crew in Television --
still have a picture of the plaque. More later if you want it.

John L. Koushouris.
(P.S. -- yes I admit to being a BB.
In fact I along with the crew chiefs all wore Business Suits.)
Hi everyone.

Bruno Fucci here climbing on board to share memories.
I am alive and well living in California.
I hope I can add to the many memories that I keep reading about from all the Techs I knew and worked with.
My E-mail address is just in case someone wants to reminisce.
John K .;

I received, read and enjoyed your book and mailed it to Cal Marotta.
Cal indicates that Bud Hlaverty had it last (turn off your spell check for that one)
as indicated in the archive. It truly was a GOLDEN AGE.

Best wishes,
Frank Novack





Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hal Deppe:

We all know it's a foregone fact that The CBS Website would have died eons ago if it wasn't for you in tireless fashion, reminding us to support our CBS CHRONICLE IN THE ONE WAY THAT WE ARE ABLE TO.....COMMUNICATE .
This then is my attempt to start what Hal has been asking us to do and that is to write about those of us who spent time in our SHANGRILA, THE GOLDEN AGE.
My first suggestion is to revive what I started about two years ago with good buddy Tony Cucurulla. I've written two books and am now starting my third one but talk now about the first book, "THE GOLDEN AGE" "been there ---- done that".
I gave Tony a copy of it about two years ago to to circulate to the members who wanted to read it. Someone absent mindedly dropped the baton by not returning it to Tony. Hopefully this will jog his memory because it is the one and only book available to the website.
You'll find lots of stories in it especially from Jan.6th, 1945
until 1950 and beyond about the first work done working for Dr. Peter C. Goldmark in developing a color receiver producing a picture as good as today's quality but........ in a 10 inch tube. and lots more, the LP record development, Books for the Blind, teaching surgery with the CBS Sequential Color System. and more, and more AND MORE. Go get em!

John L. Koushouris

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Honestly, it's really, really nice to be remembered by a guy who keeps things moving and alive.
KUDOS and then some with much appreciation. I'm sure Bob Wilson echos the same sentiments
cause they don't come any better than him. He taught us all and with the best of attitudes.
Frankly, I think I'm having problems with my computering.
I receive only one or two pieces of mail every two weeks so I'm glad I was lucky enough to receive yours.
Taking you at your word I will do an occasional mailing which may nudge others to do the same
That's the least we might do to show our appreciation to you, old boy, cause as they say you're right on!

With thanks,
John Koushouris

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Harry Charles...

Your are correct it was him ..
It is nice to hear from a Retiree who remembers .. ( The Golden Days)..
Lets hope more Retirees remember them ..Yes the Pictures were fine..
but some of us cant get to the Dinners try to write in ..
The Golden Days were the start of ...Color Television....The Vidicon ..
The Plumbicon.. Video Tape..and some of you who made it all possible...
Lets hear from you..

Best Regards,
Harold Deppe

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In answer to Harold Deppe!

The person who slept the most at the Studio 43 Console was....Marty Polk,
He used to stay up nights building Williamson Amplifiers.
There was another guy that did a fair share of snoozing on the morning Shader Shift.
Can any one name him?
Real nice Luncheon pictures............

Harry Charles

Monday, October 20, 2008

The October 15th NJ Luncheon album is now online!
Be sure to view BOTH pages of images!
Click here --> 10-15-2008 NJ Luncheon
There are a few of us still around from "The Golden Days Of Television"...
You know who you are... I sure remember you..
John Koushouris... Bob Wilson... and many more who never write in so I don't know if you are still around!
The Question is would you like to recall something of the "Golden Days" ??
All we hear is bad news. We need somthing to cheer us up...
Anyone remember the Tech. who went to sleep at the Console in St 43
Grand Central Studios New York.???
Bet Harry Charles does...

Best Regards,
Harold Deppe.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Thank you, Tony Casola and Dave Minott for your arranging this past luncheon...
The new Restaurant worked out fine.
I had a wonderful time and am sure all others from the amount of laughter etc.
going on made it a perfect day for us all.

George Klimcsak

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jack Narz, emcee of eight game shows and a hump pilot during World War II, died this morning at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills. He was 85.
Narz was arguably one of the two most popular game show hosts of the late 1950s and early 1960s. He soared to prominence with "Dotto" in 1958 in
both daytime and prime time editions.
In the 1960s, he was seen consistently with "
Video Village," "Seven Keys," "I'll Bet" and a revival of "Beat the Clock."
In the following decade, Narz emceed "Now You See It" on CBS, a game still seen in repeats on GSN in the overnight hours.
From 1973-78, he hosted a syndicated remake of "Concentration," which was his longest-running game.
During the 1950s, he was one of the pioneer television broadcasters as a regular member of the cast of ABC's "Space Patrol" and as an announcer for
Betty White,
Gisele MacKenzie, Tennessee Ernie Ford and Bob Crosby.
In 1951, he narrated the two-part opening episodes of "Superman." The story, "Superman on Earth," outlined how the character became Clark Kent
and, ultimately, the Man of Steel.
Narz died from complications of two massive strokes in the last three weeks and kidney failure.
He is being remembered today by close friends and colleagues as one of the class personalities in television history.
He was awarded the Bill Cullen Career Achievement Award, along with his brother Jim (Tom Kennedy) Narz, by Game Show Congress in 2005.
A special obituary tribute will be offered later today by THE DAILY GAME SHOW FIX, as well as a multi-page special edition of
Links will be provided through The Daily Game Show Fix.
No memorial services are planned. Memorial contributions may be made in the name of Narz to The American Cancer Society.

Dave Schwartz

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Where are you Retirees?
Please write in Time is running out ...
We would like to hear from you...
I know I would...

Best Regards,
Harold Deppe

Saturday, October 11, 2008

For those members who use hearing aids, or may need to do so in the future,
consider supporting this legislation: Hearing Aid Tax Credit


Sunday, October 05, 2008

The deadline for our Fall luncheon is next coming Saturday, October 11th. Don't wait send in your checks.

Tony Casola

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hello my fellow and gal retirees.
I am currently writing to you from the West Palm Beach Medical Center Blind Rehab Program.
Entered the facility on Sept. 15th and expect to be released sometime later this month.
If you are a veteran with vision problems, please get yourself to the nearest veterans clinic
and inquire about this re-hab program. If your income is too large for being accepted into the
VA you can get in as a Category 4 if you are legally blind. You will just have to make a copayment.
Here they teach you manual, mobility, and life skills. The instructors are all well trained to guide you
through an unlighted lifestyle. They also have a computer usage program where they have software
wherein you will have the computer talk back with each key stroke. You will rarely use the mouse.
I am in the dual program and taking both of the offered courses.
If anyone would like more information about the program get my phone number from the CBS Retiree list,
or look it up on line somewhere. I know Jim Martens is in a similar or worse condition with his lack of
eyesight and I intend to phone him after my return to the west coast of Florida.

Les Burkhardt