Monday, September 22, 2008

Hi Dave:

Thanks for the reply. Glad to see this system still works! Have recently purchased a MAC and still getting used to it. I had so many problems with the pc/AOL, etc., that I finally went out and bought this. I still use the pc but no longer on line. It works just fine as a stand alone system. As I said, it's just so sad to see how many of our fellow "brothers" have passed away. I was such a good friend of Tony Cucu and Tony Ancona having worked with them for so many years before coming to CBS. Had things worked out, I would have loved to have Irv Elias take my place at 60 Minutes. I was shocked when I heard how sick he was and had passed away. What a shame as he was so good at what he did. At any rate, I could go on and on regarding the subject. Just to say, how fast the years flew by! It seems like yesterday that I started at CBS which was way back in 1967. The best thing I could have done was to have retired early. So, here I am on Megquier Island with the trees turning all around me and the lake sparkling in the sunshine. We love it here even though we have our problems especially when it comes to property evaluations and taxes. It's a long story and I won't go in to it. I play around with video and have been doing some work for a local funeral home providing them with DVDs of their "clients" for showing during viewing hours and at the memorial service. The business has quieted down due to the economy so families are not spending as much when it comes to funerals for the time being. I also produced a music video called "Reflections of Maine" which is sold in upscale shops around the state. It's been out now for almost three years but no great sales took place. I use two meters here now and then and recently purchased a new vertical antenna. I took down an eleven element beam as it just did not perform well amongst all the trees we have here on the property. I also get on the low bands (3.940) and chat with a local group of guys here in Maine. But 2 meters is where I'm at and listen to the police frequencies quite a bit. Given the remote nature of where we live (only two families here year round on this island), it's good to know what's going on locally with the police. I've heard some very interesting reports and keep my eye out for cars they're looking for or anything else that might look strange. Needless to say, I keep their phone number very close at hand. So, for starters, that's about it for now. How are things with you on Long Island? I assume you're still living there? Also, have you retired or are you still with CBS? Please give my best to Ted and Bob Myers and everyone else. Thanks for getting back to me.

Joel Dulberg