Friday, July 25, 2008

Certainly appreciate Harold Deppe's nice comment about our Eyes of A Generation Web site. We have received some very interesting photo submissions from some of the NBC folks and there will be some great studio and facilities shots of 30 Rock and Burbank up soon, as well as some pretty fascinating videos. Most of this stuff has never been seen before.
Okay, it's time for CBS to check in! We would love your photos, stories...anything from your scrapbooks! Although the site is primarily about classic cameras and equipment, we'll be adding PEOPLE and PIONEERS soon. We've received some stuff from former NBC Pages who went on to work in production. But the real treasures I think will ultimately come from those of you who worked in New York--where it all began.
If you haven't visited us, please grab a cup of coffee and do so. Your comments are welcome.

JR Smith
Scottsdale, AZ