Monday, June 09, 2008

Hi there;

I found my name mentioned at your blog site and wanted to know how to respond and leave a remark addressing someone's musings. I am Jesse Elin Browne, a former staff announcer from WOR-TV back-in-the-day as they say. I was a staff announcer/producer from 1977 through 1982 and then became a news reporter at WNBC-AM for the next few years before moving to Chicago where I was morning news anchor at WLS-FM. Someone on your CBS board thought that Barbara Korsen was a staff announcer at Channel 9 and I wanted to let them know that she was vacation relief. They also thought that I worked for WCBS traffic. While I was approached by WCBS (because I was doing traffic for WNBC at the time in their "N-Copter") I never accepted a position from local CBS radio because they would have prohibited me from doing any voiceover work at that time. I don't know if their policy has changed but back then they owned your name and your voice. I don't know if you still maintain the blog site but I wanted to let the writer know that I'm alive and well, living in Scottsdale, AZ. I was the first female staff announcer in New York City and proud of it. I continue to do voice work from my in-house studio. I'm married to a jingle music producer and having raised a family am about to re-enter the radio news workforce.

Jesse Elin Browne