Monday, June 02, 2008

Dear Ted,
I hope you remember me, Sol Tabachnick. The reason I am writing you is that I have just celebrated my 40th anniversary of the day I left CBS. Yes, 40 years flies by so fast.

I came to CBS in 1952 with Fred Schutz and Paul Layden from the U.N.
I had a lot of years of great friends, coworkers and buddies. I attended one luncheon many years ago at the Swan Club (I was with Sid Gasner). I have kept up with CBS RETIREES through the news letter.

I read the obituaries and am saddened by the loss of the members, but it’s funny, I don’t see old men, I see the young men I worked with, the memories the names evoke and all the great days of the Golden years of TV. I still see us working at Grand Central, 106th Street, the Dumont studios on 67th street (yes we used them at one time). Studio 61, 72, 58 the movie theater on Broadway and 66th street. (Before Lincoln Center). The Great Leiderkranz Hall, the studio on 26th street and the video tape facility at Grand Central. I even spent a day with Bob Oswald in the tower of the Chrysler Building adjusting the microwave receivers for some remote. The old field shop.

These memories are as vivid today as the day they happened.
I make one request. Please do not take down any old sites that are still out there in computer land. These are gems for me to keep remembering the days of my youth with such wonderful people. Yes, I remember when you came to Charlie Lyons crew and when Tony C. came.

Altough it is 40 years since I left, I could fill two volumes about my short years at CBS. But they were all memorable and when I read the newsletter I am pulled back in time.

Thanks to all past and present who have kept this going.

My very best to you,
Sol Tabachnick