Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stu Meyer was a very smart man. He left us a short while ago exactly as he feared he always would. He always said that his father died at 56 (massive heart attack) and he always feared that would be his fate too. But, like the rest of us, Stu quietly suppressed his fears and frights and progressed through life doing the best he could. And his best was pretty good.
What could be said about Stu was that he always kept moving forward. From maintenance technician to Engineer-in-Charge he always felt the need to progress. Even in his retirement Stu kept moving forward. He went back to College for his 3rdgraduate degree and successfully achieved it mere weeks before his death. As expected, he graduated in the top of his class, postponing a needed operation to achieve that goal. Possibly thats a good way to sum up our friend and colleague he always achieved his goals. And maybe, just maybe Stu achieved the greatest goal anyone can ever achieve he lived as well as he could for as long as he could.

So, along with his wonderful wife Marlene, his children, his relatives and his many, many friends and colleagues we join together
in mourning Stu and remembering a very smart guy.

Howie Purnick