Thursday, May 22, 2008

My favorite student from Miami, Maxeme Tuchman is now all grown up and working in NYC. She entered a photo contest for Crest and is a finalist. The photo is of her Grandmother who is an amazing woman. She hasn't been to NYC since she did one semester at NYU. And that was while she was still living in Cuba in the 40's. What a great tribute from her Granddaughter to want to win this trip for her. But she needs more people to vote. I would like to reach out to the CBS Retirees, current staff and friends. The contest will only count ONE vote for ONE e-mail address. Of course if there anyone has multiple e-mail addresses, it's perfectly legal to vote once with each of them. Lord knows every online contest is won by someone that has a blog. Maxeme doesn't have a blog, but her supporters are helping her with "blasts".
See note from Maxeme below:
So, as cheesy as this is (pun totally intended), my image of my grandmother has been selected as one of 25 finalists
for the "My Life in Smiles" competition. If I win, I get to bring my grandmother up to NYC for the Gala event on June 12th which will be a pretty amazing 80th birthday present for her! So, please vote at My Life in Smiles . Click on the 5th star, so that all 5 stars are highlighted, and then enter your email to vote.
Please feel free to pass on to everyone you know!

Thanks!-- Maxeme

Gayle P. De Poli