Saturday, April 05, 2008

I was a Tech in PC for a while & even with the Audimax, the audible sound levels were all over the lot. I constantly had to ride audio. I believe one of the problems is compression. Although the meter says you're peaking zero your ear is telling you it's too loud. I don't pretend to know a great deal about this so if someone wants to explain I'd like to read it. Please the "Audio For Dummies" version not the Wikipedia one. The other thing is that in most television sets the speakers are small, quite often 3". They are not really capable of reproducing the sound quality the audio man, in most cases, produces in his booth enjoying huge speakers & sophisticated amplification systems,
( SHADES OF AL BRESSON & BILLY TAYLOR). Is there an easy way to hook up a pair of decent outboard speakers? And would it make any difference? If you hook up your TV to a stereo sound system will that make much of a difference? Does anyone think the sound quality will improve with the advent of the digital conversion? Although it's called "Television" I would venture a guess that people spend almost as much time listening, without seeing. My wife is legally blind, she sees some movement & shadows, without decent sound she has nothing. Will the television manufacturers ever wake & listen? Realize that television is really RADIO WITH PICTURES? Half the features are too dark to actually see anyway. Pictures like SEVEN which I believe was lit with a 60 watt bulb or the Predator films. Even the cop shows are doing the low light bit. I guess they are being GREEN & saving energy. I've taken to putting on captioning so I can follow what's going on. Sorry for running on, where I live I don't get to speak to many people so I really enjoy these pages & memories. Thank you.
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