Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hi Dave,

Do you mean one of the Swiss jobs like this (see attached photo.) Who was the US distributor for the Favag?
Did you forget such things as FAX assignments? or DIVCON?
What company made up all of those relays used for switching A/V In all studios, MAX, TX, PC?
To answer a question you asked a while back; no, we are not fishing anymore
and due to HOA covenant restrictions we had to also cease the tropical fruit growing after our last move.

Les and Jackie

Hi Les,
Yes, but of course, during our time, they weren't quartz!
I'll answer one of others - Favag stuff was distributed by Beaveronics, as I recall,
and the contact was Bob Striker...
I'll leave the other questions to our loyal group to answer!
--I can still taste that smoked King Fish...