Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hello Harold-Sorry for the delayed response, but I've been battling the Flu the last 10 days or so----

Funny you should mention Freddie Reinhart's name , as a matter of fact he
was a close friend of mine ,and he lived five minutes away from me here in Middle Village...I was even lucky enough to be invited to go hunting with him at his house upstate....In knowing him, I'm sure you recognized what great talent this man had and how much he contributed to CBS....

Yes Harold, I certainly knew Ernie Lowe ----I worked in his Dept. when he
was the Audio Supervisor---a real gentleman and great guy to work with....I was fortunate enough to take over the Dept. when he retired.....worked with great group of guys----

At this point Harold, I think it would be safe to say that I'd probably recognize and remember you when I saw you----There were so many people there at work that I knew "by sight"...

Getting back to Audio-----

Yes it's true that gentleman like Billy Taylor and Al Bressan were recognized as great "Audio Men", but what's also true is that they were basically responsible for the mixing, balance, and selection and placement of microphones....Which of course is the important factor as to how the final "product" turns out ---

In the "background", things like the Console, Ampex audio and video
tape recorders, sound monitoring system in the Control Room, the path of house audio through EC, PC rooms, Master Control Etc.,Etc- All had to meet specs regarding frequency response, noise and distortion.........Of course we had the "advantage" that TV audio is FM.....Quality of audio was by no means an "automatic happening"---.

Going back to Radio for a bit (AM): even in the days when tubes and transistors were being used, the FCC required that frequency responses, noise and distortion measurements be made to insure meeting SPECS.-Even though the Broadcast Quality sound leaving the "plant" rarely "made it" to your ear---

To conclude a long winded "rant", Technical Maintenance was responsible for the Broadcast Quality of sound that got to your home....All new equipment was checked before going into service...At one time "Proof of Performance" tests were made at 2am when we were off the air .....However with the New Technology, "Specs" are more easily met....

Goody, most modern sets have Audio Outputs that you can feed into
your High Fi System . But that's only going to emphasize the level differences even more-----


Gene Pasculli

PS----Let's not forget all the Maintenance men in Video, Camera, control, Videotape, Outside Studios, Field shop, EC.----Etc. ,Etc. Thank you all----