Friday, April 18, 2008


I don't recall any gas masks charged to my credit card but I do remember.
There was a massive telephone strike in "Chicago during that convention
and we only had radio communication. I was the remote producer at the stockyards ..
"Al Thaler and his "Thaler Raiders" was the producer on the new flash unit outside of
the Hilton Hotel when the riots started and the police started throwing tear gas.
"Al bellowed on the radio there is tear gas and I only have seven gas masks and I have ten people ,
what can I do?" I turned to "Casey Davidson my co producer and said,
"Casey did you hear that?" and he said "yeah".
I thought for a moment and replied "Al, give what you have to all the Jewish guys".
A true story and quoted for many years.
Anybody know the where Al Thaler might be?

Sid Kaufman