Sunday, April 20, 2008

Can anyone help Ronald?


I just happened across your site. What a wonderful ride down memory lane. Having worked as a desk assistant with Network Radio's Broadcast Operations Department at the Broadcast Center 1972-1974 I was priviledge to have met many technicians, staff announcers, associate directors and others. What a bunch of characters. Was wondering if anyone could tell me the whereabouts of such luminaries as Mort Goldberg, Keith Park(s), Joe Kuhlen, Joe Alonso, Fred Hymes, Fred Himes, Ed Harley, Steve Mendelsohn (spelling?), Bud Arnow, Tom Sheehy, Charlie Krumm (Crumm?), and that's just the names I can immediately recall. Many are probably gone now but would love to get in touch with those still around and kicking. The same goes for the announcing and director staffs. I am especially anxious to contact to Lee Jordan. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Ronald Landskroner
Email -
Oakland, CA