Thursday, March 27, 2008


I also see "Goody Freed" on the monitor almost daily -- I feel that he is one of our genre because of his extensive recall but for me, he remains a mystery.
But!, you dont!.
I was still in my twenty's when I Transferred from Dr. Goldmark's CBS Labs to Tv Operations under Thompson, Sather and Mercier -- boy were they ever a great team -- non better. And it was there where I started as TD on The Como Show, Stork Club, Around the Town with Mike (Wallace) & Buff (Cobb), Love of Life, The Ernie Kovacs Show, The Real McKay, The Goldbergs, Studio One, Omnibus, You are There, See it Now, etc, etc, etc.
So during this time, also, as one of the TD's on the greatest of field crews I worked with you and got to know you as one of the greatest faces and temperments always smiling with the warmest of smiles --- If our man Goody accomplished anything for me with his flashbacks, it was to recall one of the best Menches I've ever worked with.
john koushouris

(HAL; Is the foregoing what you had in mind a couple of weeks ago?.)