Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's great that more people are putting messages on the retirees site.
I would be interested in hearing more specific stores of things that happened on various shows.
I visited John Wray in Studio 50 when he was directing Sullivan.
I was very young and never got to know much about him or Marlo Lewis or Charlie Grenier.
The visit to the control room was great and I still remember it all.
I'd like to hear more about those people and what when on in those days.
I have collected lots of "stuff" over the years and am sending you some random pages which I hope will jar loose some stories from the retirees.
I'm still at CBS after 42 years, working in the BOC and waiting for the new Media Distribution Center to open with all new Hi-Def control rooms.
We should be on the air within a year.