Saturday, March 22, 2008

I have been reading with rapt interest your website and have learnt a lot about the various equipment used, the technicians, etc., that helped make CBS what it was. (I also saw some of these in person, as I once attended a live broadcast of WCBS-TV's 6:00 newscast late in 1976 at the Broadcast Center, and can see the Norelco PC-60 cameras in my head to this day.) I was wondering if any of the retirees who contribute to the site would be able to answer any questions on who were the various announcers whose video, audio etc., I am about to forward. I am able to place the names and voices of such legends as Bob Hite, Bill Gilliand, Allan Berns, Lee Jordan, Gaylord Avery, Dave Campbell, Hal Simms, Pat Canel(?), Roger Forster and Don Robertson (and if going way back, Art Hannes and Peter Thomas). But I'm at a loss as to these voices:
1. (The V/O saying "Smith/Marash, after the movie" at the start of this clip)
2. (The V/O of the Emergency Broadcast System test)
3. (website) / (audio file) - signed off WCBS-TV one early morning c.1964
4. (website) / (audio file) - signed off WCBS-TV one late night/early morning in 1959
5. (at 5:24-5:29; the voice of the CBS Evening News before Mr. Hite)
I'd be most appreciative as to who was who here, as I grew up with many of them as I did with the announcers of the other TV stations in the city. To make it easy, they can say "#1 is..." or "#4 is..."
Good luck and godspeed with the site . . .

William Brown, New York City.