Monday, March 10, 2008

I don't often respond to the passing of our brothers, I simply keep them in my thoughts. Patty, however, will be an exception. How can I describe him? Outstanding camerman, in a class by himself, friend, professional - always worked without direction. I had the honor of being his TD on many studio shows and remotes such as the Masters, the US open tennis for thirteen years and Captain Kangaroo.
His presence lightened all around him. He was one of the most requested by some of the most talented directors and producers. I cannot remember him ever complaining or questioning assignments. I am sorry it took four years to learn of his passing, he will be remembered. Let me not forget his Irish sense of humor not only with his funny tales but also with his artistic use of his camera lens on unsuspecting females at the us open...wish I could say more. Rest in peace Patty, your good friend,

Bob Vernum