Thursday, March 27, 2008

Goodman "Goody" Freed, is a young fellow, now just 73 years old , who spent just 32 years at the Broadcast Center.
Five years in VT, 3 1/2 assigned as an Editor on Cronkite, additionallly assisting Geo. Hartmann, Danny Stevens, John Wells & Ed Smith,
& anyone else that needed help, was first editor assigned to the Merv Griffin show but was bumped.
Spent a number of years in PC & EC. Transferred to Show Crews, did Boom on "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing"
which won an Emmy & went off the air. Worked on every CBS Soap as either Utility, Boom, Camera, Video, Audio Assist or Relief.
Spent time in CC & Switched shows for Syndication. Was in management's purgatory taking labels off boxes until I showed them how to do the job
in one tenth the time & they transferred me out. In Sound Effects for a number of years, in addition to doing all the other stuff when needed.
Worked more than a few Remotes. The Sid Kaufman I remember was a young, tall, thin drink of water with a nice head of hair.
Worked on a Soap & later went to Viacom. I wasn't there to be remembered, only to do the job I loved & support my family.
The BONUS, I met a lot of nice people along the way, I guess I succeeded.

Goody Freed